VIDEO: Twin Cities Police Officer Grabs Black Man for Walking Near Construction Site

MINNEAPOLIS—An affluent suburb of Minneapolis called Edina was the site of an incident involving a white police officer and a black man simply walking down the street until grabbed forcibly by the officer and now the incident has gone viral and ended up in the news in yet another case of people filming the conduct of police that just doesn't feel right.

On the Young Turks, a popular liberal slanted news talk show on YouTube, one commentator said that black folks are just getting frustrated for doing something that would not have resulted in such behavior by the police if they were white and he called the local woman filming at the scene, "the voice of reason here".

There is now a petition taking off on to get the officer and City of Edina and their police department to apologize and engage in different practices, among other demands by petitioners. See the petition below as well as the video that has stirred more embarrassing news coverage about police for the state of Minnesota:

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