Prince Accidentally Died From Fentanyl Overdose Says MMEO

Image: Prince Portrait by Zarateman via WikiMedia Commons

MANKATO GAZETTE—According to Minnesota Public Radio (MPR), The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Slanted Magazine SMAC, the Midwest Medical Examiner's Office announced on Thursday that the pop singer known and loved as Prince died from a fatal dose of self-administered fentanyl. It is not clear whether or not it was prescribed.

The report noted that Prince was only 112 lbs. at the time of his death. Two people discovered his body, including a doctor's son from California, whom Prince reportedly sought out for help with addiction to fentanyl.

Prince was an international pop icon, who was a cultural figure like Michael Jackson. Both overdosed from medical drugs.

Opioid abuse in Minnesota has been on the rise according to several groups, including law enforcement. Heroin in Minnesota is also very high in purity and potency. MPR has also discussed this topic in great length on its programs.

There is also some legal issues over how Prince's finances will be managed after his immediate death, including some debate at the congressional level about how to deal with intellectual property claims.

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