FoodNiche NourishX Challenge a 21-Day Nutrient Rich Experience

FoodNiche is a social media network that has been referred to as the "LinkedIn for food" by some food and tech enthusiasts. The startup announced in 2016, a new initiative to start out the new year. It is called the NourishX Challenge. The NourishX Challenge involves eating a nutrient dense diet for 21 days and reaching out to other members on the social network for help.

The network consists of foodies of all kinds, including professional chefs, nutritionists and other enthusiasts that can help with providing menu planning, food preparation and recipes. The site is a great place for cooks and lovers of food to gather and discuss both healthy cooking and delicious eats. The site is gaining popularity among a number of different groups of people already and the site features wonderful stories and videos that help people connect through food and health.

Unlike other diet plans and weight loss "miracles" that are constantly advertised nowadays, the NourishX challenge simply focuses on what you eat, so there is no counting calories or grams of fat, protein, etc. Instead a nutrient dense diet is promoted through the challenge. The goal is to start thinking about food in new ways and to be conscious of what you are actually eating.

There is a $100 value prize available for participants in the NourishX Challenge by See the website for more details.