Mechanic Sells Cars in Mankato

A & T Auto Mankato

A & T Auto in Mankato is an independent business owned by Tam Luong. Luong is the former BP Quick Stop gas station and auto garage owner and has been providing the quickest and most affordable oil changes in the Greater Mankato area for several years. His new location at 104 E. Vine Street, between Super America and the Car Wash on the corner of Madison Ave. and Riverfront Dr. features three garage stalls several vehicle hoists and recycled oil heat.

Luong's $18.95 oil change is unbeatable for the price and he only uses synthetic blend oil. His friendly customer service and dedication to quality and efficient work makes him one of the most flexible and talented mechanics in the area and he can work on pretty much any vehicle including cars, trucks, SUVs and even lawn, construction and marine vehicles and engines.

Luong has recently added a used car sales lot to his operation and he sells cars in great condition. All vehicles are cleaned, inspected and serviced prior to sale from the lot in Mankato. Contact Luong to purchase a used car in Mankato at his used car lot. He carries a variety of models including Japanese, European and American brands like Chevy, Ford, Honda, Lexus, Toyota, Volkswagen and more.

A & T Auto in Mankato doesn't just do oil changes. Come see Luong to buy or change tires, get engine repair, fix broken lights, repair muffler systems and other light or heavy car repair in Mankato. Luong can also clean and detail vehicles. No matter the type of repair or problem, Luong at A&T Auto can help diagnose and provide a solution for your vehicle. Give him a call or stop in. He can be reached at (507) 382-9034.