Brawlers Defeated by Des Moines Blaze Saturday

The Brawlers headed to Des Moines Saturday evening eager to improve their lot and boost their confidence during the 2016 NEFL football season. It was a bright, warm and breezy day in Des Moines at the regional sporting complex, complete with a turf field and new press box. The Brawlers game got off to a hopeful start, but the team would leave defeated for a record of 1 and 1 so far in the year. The end score was 38-6.

During the first half of the game, the Brawlers, who were highly outnumbered in roster and coaching staff compared with the more finely tuned guys from Des Moines Blaze, were able to score a touchdown, with their first and only lead in the game. The Blaze picked up a safety. The first period was 2-6, Brawlers in the lead.

The second half, complete with some misting and an ejection of player 17 on the Brawlers, was when the Blaze picked up momentum offensively and began to run the ball for several more touchdowns. There were high intensity emotions playing out during the game and both teams were feeling it. The Blaze had the upper hand. The Brawlers still left the field heads held high because they assessed the game as a good training experience with a team that can prepare them for the high caliber teams like the Pioneers from Saint Paul and other league dominants.

More stats on the game will become available later today on individual players and quarters on Mankato Gazette on Zoom Village and on the Brawlers website and NEFL website.

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