MN Brawlers Dominate at Irondale Against Midwest Outlaws

MN Brawlers Football

The Minnesota Brawlers semi pro football team, based near Mankato, opened their full contact portion of preparation for their national game in Des Moines on May 7 by beating the Midwest Outlaws 36-0 last Saturday afternoon at Irondale High School.

"The outlaws gave us an opportunity to be in a game setting to get our first contact of the year," said Head Coach Trever Coxworth. "Our center guard combo got work: Clint Evans from Sleepy Eye, Blake Johnson from Spring Lake Park and Bradaigh Greenwaldt of New Ulm."

Ray Bibbens from West High School in Mankato, had a great start, as he dropped the first series punt attempt and scrapped for a 76-yard TD run. He also threw for three touchdowns: two to Levi Fossen of Waseca and MSU and Ronnie Johnson of Willmar. The day was topped off with Le Center's Wes Berninghaus 47-yard run for six.
Special teams' Brandon Hafertman of Shakoppee was 4-for-4 on Pat. Ray also pulled the fifth attempted down as the Outlaws jumped offsides and scooted for two.

On defense, it was lights out with Ryan Saumur of Long Beach, CA and MSU and Shonquille Dorsey of Dallas and MSU, Jacob Ojile of Spring Lake Park and Johnny Jean Loius of the Virgin Islands and Brainerd. Ditalion Martin of Spring Lake Park and Rochester. Brett Joramo from Madelia and Levi Fossen both made interceptions.

"Now its time to get some work done and head south to face the #5 national power house, Des Moines Blaze," explained Coxworth. "This is a big test for us. Des Moines, from the Midwest Football Alliance, is definitely a team to take seriously."

The Brawlers are scheduled to play another game in Iowa this upcoming weekend. The game is Saturday.

"We never back down or ever give up," said Coxworth. "It's not do or die, its just a big competitive test to see how we are developing as a new team. I know the blaze deep down are over looking at us as they prepare for the Capital City Clash vs another national power house #6, St. Paul Pioneers, who are also in our league, the Northern Elite Football League (NEFL). This year isn't going to be easy, but we will enjoy the challenges and live that underdog life."

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