Brawlers Played a Tough Football Game Against Pioneers Wednesday Night

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The Minnesota Brawlers lost against the St. Paul Pioneers Wednesday. The Brawlers fought hard for the last several games, despite being outnumbered in roster, coaching staff and support as well as financial resources. Playing against a nationally ranked team like the St. Paul Pioneers may be an uphill battle but gained the team recognition and respect for the season from every team it faced.

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The final score was 56-7 in favor of the Pioneers.

Coxworth said the Pioneers are a tough team with experience in the game, a great history of achievement and discipline to match strength and prowess on the field. The Brawlers, who moved to the NEFL league this year and started working with local organizations like the United Way, plan to work hard to overcome these obstacles and just keep building on the foundation of the team.

One of the issues facing the Minnesota Brawlers is that the team needs cashflow to operate more effectively. Another obstacle facing the team is the lack of a home field turf to call their own. Madelia has been a tremendous asset to the team but it presents a problem for attendance. Without getting bigger attendance numbers, it gets hard to finance fields, merchandise, equipment, medics, etc. An athletic facility in the Mankato area would a great benefit to a team such as this, but no plans to build one are in the making for the city.

The coach has weighed in on this issue previously.

"I think it would be great if our team had access to a shared community facility like the one in Iowa where we played the Des Moines Blaze," Coxworth said. "It would just make so much of a difference for the team and the community, whether its Mankato or even one of the nearby suburbs."

The Brawlers played the Blaze this season in an exhibition game and filmed the game in HD. See that video here.

Many of the team's players live in the twin cities, where most of them are originally from before attending college in Mankato area, and the team has been considering moving its home turf somewhere in that area in the future. However, Mankato is still a major asset with ties to the many colleges and universities in the area, such as Minnesota State University, Mankato (MNSU) home of the Mavericks NCAA team. Gustavus is also nearby in Saint Peter.

The team also introduced the 2016 Brawler Babes this year. See photos below.
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The Brawlers will travel north to Minnetonka next weekend to face the Minnesota Valley Warriors against. The game is scheduled for next Saturday evening. Both of the semi pro football teams from Minnesota will be aggressively vying for the third seed for the upcoming playoffs.

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